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The CCM Rising Stars PLUS+ Program serves as a basic introduction into the Hockey Manitoba POE Development model. This provincial program is operated by Hockey Manitoba. The standard skills and development curriculum is designed to factor in LTPD and POE Development principles. Players participating in the CCM Rising Stars Skills Sessions and CCM Rising Stars - Regional Tournaments will be selected to participate in an additional spring development program that is served as a precursor to the DC Prospects Program and U-16 Program of Excellence. The Parkland region will have a designated CCM Rising Stars Cup PLUS+ coaching staff to deliver the 5-week development curriculum provided by Hockey Manitoba. The PLUS+ curriculum, specifically designed by high performance staff and coaches, will address deficiencies at the Bantam and Midget levels. High emphasis will be placed on core skills, position-specific skills including goaltending, checking, introductory tactical concepts and introduction to physical and mental preparation concepts. A provincial showcase tournament will conclude the CCM Rising Stars PLUS+ program. Held in Winnipeg, the tournament will see mixed-regional rosters meaning that approximately 4-6 players from each region will be mixed onto various tournament rosters.

Results from the CCM Rising Stars Tournament held May 3-5, 2019 can be found at: